Be Self-Care Aware

Be Self-Care Aware

Hello beautiful you!

Self-care are the steps you take to promote your emotional, psychological, physical, social and spiritual well-being. If you are someone who doesn't put yourself first, it is never too late. Now is a Great time to do something new and fresh!

First take a moment and reflect on what changes in your life would make you most happy and fulfilled. Next take an inventory of the ways that you can better manage your self peace.

Some self care ideas:

1. Turn off distractions: social media, phone ei. if you can do so for a time determined by you so you can think

2. Get a massage if financially able to do so

3. Pray and or Meditate

4. Watch an inspiring movie

5. Read an inspiring book

6. Go for a refreshing walk

7. Take a yoga or pilates class

This list can go on and on. Do what works for you. You are loved and important. Be Blessed until my next dose of Inspiration.


Carrie B.


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